Arod Quartet

Arod Quartet

A young modern and stylish quartet

. Redesigning visual identity
. Writing a new biography
. Graphic model, integration and development of a new website

The Arod Quartet made up of Jordan Victoria (violin), Alexandre Vu (violin), Tanguy Parisot (viola) and Samy Rachid (cello) already have an incredible career.
It had already been awarded the First Prize at the Carl Nielsen International Competition of Copenhagen and won the First Prize at the ARD International Music Competition of Munich.
Critics have also hailed the rare energy of the Arod Quartet in concert as well as the quality of their recordings, the first of which was devoted to Mendelssohn, and the second created like a musical kaleidoscope centred around Mathilde Zemlinsky.

The Arod Quartet asked the agency to build a new website, embeding a new visual identity composed of sobriety, elegance and refinement.

The agency imagined a visual identity in warm, shaded colours, with play of tones which echoes the wood of the string quartet. Images rhythm and processing create a soft and calming set up, as if we were listening to one of their concerts.

The website is responsive and allows the quartet and their managers to take over the back office. They can easily upload new photos, videos, add pieces in the repertoire and the following concerts.

Thomas Duran &
Nicolas Mallarte Duet

Thomas Duran & Nicolas Mallarte Duet

A festive release

. Artistic direction and shooting
. Graphism
. Publish and printing concert program

To celebrate the release of their second album dedicated to the two Sonatas for cello and piano by Gabriel Fauré (Ed. Hortus), the duo bringing together Thomas Duran, cellist, and Nicolas Mallarte, pianist, celebrated the music of Fauré, his influences and his inspirations during a festive program at Bal Blomet with their musician friends.

Thomas Duran et Nicolas Mallarte asked the agency to imagine a visual universe dedicated to the duet which is often playing along musician guests.

The agency made a photoshoot where the duet, in the center, welcomes other musicians represented in drawn form, who can come to life. The drawing allows not to put all the musicians on the same level, to present the duet as the base of the project but which lives and enriches its musical encounters with many other performers. For the album release, the concert program declined the graphic concept.

Ondes Sensibles

Ondes Sensibles

Launching a new podcast

Visual identity
Community Management
Sound mixing
Web hosting and RSS feed

Frédéric Hutman is a lawyer, artistic counselor for the Musée d'Art et d'Histoire du Judaïsme and also journaliste (The Good Life, RCJ). He launched a series of weekly interviews dedicated to classical musical artists.

The agency had to imagine a new visual identity for this new media and to manage technical aspects of the podcast.

How to combine the desire for modernity and the graphic heritage of classical music? For the agency, it was an opportunity to play with the typographic movement to suggest the sound wave, while respecting, by the typographical choice, the evocation of the classical heritage.

Les Pincées

Les Pincées musicales

Promote a center dedicated to plucked string instruments and plectrum orchestras

. Writing of teaser
. Community management

Les Pincées musicales center revolves around the training, diffusion, creation and amateur practice of plucked strings and plectrum instruments (mandolin, guitar, harp, oud, but also harpsichord). The center is working to build the repertoire of tomorrow through a strong commands policy to composers.

In March 2020, Les Pincées musicales commissioned female composers to illustrate the portraits of writers by Lydie Salvayre (Prix Goncourt) in her work "7 Femmes". The plastic artist Caroline Coppey joined them and thus created the show “7 Femmes et +”, the day before International Women's Day. Then meet Edith Canat de Chizy, Virginia Woolf, Michèle Reverdy, Colette, Claire-Mélanie Sinnhuber, Emily Brontë and many others.

The agency was commissioned to script the project presentation teaser and manage social networks during this creation.



. Visual identity for the agency
Logo, monogram, animation

Rossinante, what does that mean ?

[Margaux] Rossinante is the name of the sailboat on which I crossed the Atlantic Sea in December 2018. A little over 20 days watching the horizon, reading, waiting, monitoring and listening to the sea. Rossinante has become a travel companion to whom I think everyday and that I symbolically didn't want to leave.
Rossinante is of course Don Quixote’s horse. A real nag, thin and not very valiant, but don't be fooled by appearances, he may actually be a proud and noble steed. Isn't he a reliable, faithful mount, who trusts his master, who follows and supports him in all situations? With Don Quixote, they are tragic and comic anti-heroes, characters to whom I have become attached and who inspire me.
These are the two sentimental reasons that prompted me to use this sweet name, which sounds like Rossini from afar.

How the logo was born ?

Music resonates in this logo. By evoking the phonetic system and language, Claire-Gil, artistic director of the agency, succeeded in making Rossinante sing. Phonetics is music in itself. Then musical notes crept in: a fermata, a key, a mordent or a turn? The square brackets can tell the beginning and the end of a bar, a piece, a little adventure.