Arod Quartet

Arod Quartet

A young modern and stylish quartet

. Redesigning visual identity
. Writing a new biography
. Graphic model, integration and development of a new website

The Arod Quartet made up of Jordan Victoria (violin), Alexandre Vu (violin), Tanguy Parisot (viola) and Samy Rachid (cello) already have an incredible career.
It had already been awarded the First Prize at the Carl Nielsen International Competition of Copenhagen and won the First Prize at the ARD International Music Competition of Munich.
Critics have also hailed the rare energy of the Arod Quartet in concert as well as the quality of their recordings, the first of which was devoted to Mendelssohn, and the second created like a musical kaleidoscope centred around Mathilde Zemlinsky.

The Arod Quartet asked the agency to build a new website, embeding a new visual identity composed of sobriety, elegance and refinement.

The agency imagined a visual identity in warm, shaded colours, with play of tones which echoes the wood of the string quartet. Images rhythm and processing create a soft and calming set up, as if we were listening to one of their concerts.

The website is responsive and allows the quartet and their managers to take over the back office. They can easily upload new photos, videos, add pieces in the repertoire and the following concerts.