Les Pincées

Les Pincées musicales

Promote a center dedicated to plucked string instruments and plectrum orchestras

. Writing of teaser
. Community management

Les Pincées musicales center revolves around the training, diffusion, creation and amateur practice of plucked strings and plectrum instruments (mandolin, guitar, harp, oud, but also harpsichord). The center is working to build the repertoire of tomorrow through a strong commands policy to composers.

In March 2020, Les Pincées musicales commissioned female composers to illustrate the portraits of writers by Lydie Salvayre (Prix Goncourt) in her work "7 Femmes". The plastic artist Caroline Coppey joined them and thus created the show “7 Femmes et +”, the day before International Women's Day. Then meet Edith Canat de Chizy, Virginia Woolf, Michèle Reverdy, Colette, Claire-Mélanie Sinnhuber, Emily Brontë and many others.

The agency was commissioned to script the project presentation teaser and manage social networks during this creation.