. Visual identity for the agency
Logo, monogram, animation

Rossinante, what does that mean ?

[Margaux] Rossinante is the name of the sailboat on which I crossed the Atlantic Sea in December 2018. A little over 20 days watching the horizon, reading, waiting, monitoring and listening to the sea. Rossinante has become a travel companion to whom I think everyday and that I symbolically didn't want to leave.
Rossinante is of course Don Quixote’s horse. A real nag, thin and not very valiant, but don't be fooled by appearances, he may actually be a proud and noble steed. Isn't he a reliable, faithful mount, who trusts his master, who follows and supports him in all situations? With Don Quixote, they are tragic and comic anti-heroes, characters to whom I have become attached and who inspire me.
These are the two sentimental reasons that prompted me to use this sweet name, which sounds like Rossini from afar.

How the logo was born ?

Music resonates in this logo. By evoking the phonetic system and language, Claire-Gil, artistic director of the agency, succeeded in making Rossinante sing. Phonetics is music in itself. Then musical notes crept in: a fermata, a key, a mordent or a turn? The square brackets can tell the beginning and the end of a bar, a piece, a little adventure.