Thomas Duran &
Nicolas Mallarte Duet

Thomas Duran & Nicolas Mallarte Duet

A festive release

. Artistic direction and shooting
. Graphism - Pauline Midon
. Publish and printing concert program

To celebrate the release of their second album dedicated to the two Sonatas for cello and piano by Gabriel Fauré (Ed. Hortus), the duo bringing together Thomas Duran, cellist, and Nicolas Mallarte, pianist, celebrated the music of Fauré, his influences and his inspirations during a festive program at Bal Blomet with their musician friends.

Thomas Duran et Nicolas Mallarte asked the agency to imagine a visual universe dedicated to the duet which is often playing along musician guests.

The agency made a photoshoot where the duet, in the center, welcomes other musicians represented in drawn form, who can come to life. The drawing allows not to put all the musicians on the same level, to present the duet as the base of the project but which lives and enriches its musical encounters with many other performers. For the album release, the concert program declined the graphic concept.